Matthew Jones



Matt graduated in 2007 with a bachelor of science from West Chester University after completing his didactic training and education in the field of nutrition. He then went on to complete his internship through the University of Delaware. 

Matt is passionate about helping individuals build a trusting relationship with their bodies by applying the science of nutrition and physical movement with consideration for individualized needs. He combines his experience in medical nutrition therapy with his knowledge of eating disorders, mental health, intuitive eating, and mindfulness in his integrative and holistic approach.  He believes in empowering athletes and active individuals to optimally fuel their bodies and training schedules.  Matt works with adults, children, and families and with athletes of all skill levels and experience, including high school, collegiate, and professional athletes. 

As a certified personal trainer and graduate of the Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy, he also uses sports performance training, manual therapy, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, biomechanics, and human movement optimization to meet the functional needs of his clients.

In addition to his passion for physical and mental health, Matt loves to watch, coach, and play sports.  In high school, he played soccer, basketball, baseball and was a member of the track team.  Now, he uses his expertise and experience to coach the Varsity soccer at West Chester Rustin High School.