Katie Cornwall



Katie is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with over ten years of experience in the mental health and nutrition fields. She has degrees in psychology and art from Albright College as well as nutrition and dietetics from West Chester University. Katie works passionately in the realm of eating disorders and focuses her energy on healing her clients’ relationships with food. She has been working in the anti-diet movement, teaching intuitive eating.  She believes in the inclusion and neutrality of all foods and focuses on the mind and body connection.


Katie is comfortable working with individuals and families in nutrition sessions. She has experience working with general nutrition concerns as well as medical issues such as diabetes and PCOS. Her previous work experiences have brought her a great understanding of the importance of self-care, exercise, mindful eating, and working together with a team of health professionals to reach your health goals.

Her love for food and joyful movement is demonstrated in her personal life, as well.  Katie is a huge fan of ballet and she loves practicing recreating her grandmother’s old recipes.