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Areas of Interest and Specialty

Eating Disorders
Mental Health
Binge Eating Disorder
Body Image
Sports Nutrition

Kayla Mason 


Practicing out of the Newtown Square office


A 2013 graduate of Penn State’s College of Agriculture, Kayla began pursuing a career in the equine industry, until she discovered her passion was in public health and education. In 2018 she made the pivotal decision to pursue becoming a Registered Dietitian. Graduating from West Chester University in 2019 she completed her dietetic internship with Sodexo with a focus on diabetes and school nutrition. 


Over a course of 5 years, Kayla gained experience developing a nutrition curriculum for high school students while building their life skills and preparing them for college. Shortly thereafter she started at The Renfrew Center in Philadelphia, where she worked with adolescents and adults to heal from eating disorders and disordered eating patterns. 


Her nutrition philosophy encourages everyone to recognize that their journey to health and recovery is never linear. She recognizes the importance of collaboration with all parts of a client's care team to create a holistic environment for healing and uncomplicating nutrition. She incorporates principles of intuitive eating and uses the health at every size approach to support an environment of food neutrality and body respect.  


She believes in leaving people better than when she first met them and creating a world where systems are equitable to all people.


What sparks joy for Kayla is spending time laughing and creating memories with family and friends, naps & nature, beach time, animals, and enjoyable movement.

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