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12 Holiday Mantras for your Eating Disorder Recovery

By Erin Gilbert, RDN, CSO, LDN

The holiday season can be especially challenging if you are struggling with an eating disorder, in eating disorder recovery, or simply trying to get diet culture out of your life. If you feel like the “eating disorder voice” is louder & more annoying than the “Chipmunk Song” this time of year, we see you & are here for you! Here are 12 affirmations to feel empowered in your journey & help make the holidays a little brighter. 

Reminders to help ease your food fears: 

  1. Food is so much more than just fuel– it is passed down traditions, shared culture & a way to share new memories with loved ones. I deserve to enjoy food in all of these forms. 

  2. It’s okay to eat food solely for enjoyment or taste. 

  3. I have unconditional permission to enjoy my favorite holiday treats. 

  4. I don’t need to “burn off” any holiday treats. My body knows what to do with the nutrients I give it. 

Mantras to build a healthier relationship with movement: 

  1. “Rocking around the Christmas tree” can definitely count as joyful movement– exercise doesn’t have to take place in a gym! 

  2. I have permission to rest during the holiday season & it’s okay if my workout routine is not the same as other times of the year.

Affirmations for positive body image: 

  1. My friends & family value the time we spend together, not the size of my body. 

  2. My body is a gift. It deserves to be treated kindly. 

  3. It’s normal if my body has changed from previous holiday seasons. Body fluctuations & growth are natural & healthy. 

Mottos to empower your eating disorder recovery journey:

  1. I can set boundaries that allow me to feel safe in my eating disorder recovery. 

  2. It’s okay if my ED recovery journey has ups & downs, especially during triggering seasons. I am growing & learning. 

  3. I can ask for support when I need help. I am worthy of taking care of my body & working towards a healthy future. 

Our team is here to help you before, during & after the holiday season. Make an appointment with one of our anti-diet dietitians here.


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