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Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Today was the first day of the transformation yoga class held at Balanced Nutrition and Yoga. Working alongside my colleague and dear friend who coordinated this entire class and with the incredible non-profit organization, Transformation Yoga Project, I woke up feeling excited and blessed (though a little sleepy to be honest) to be able to offer this class in my studio.

I arrived early to get a few things finished before students began showing up. Of course that was with the brave assumption that we would have any students in our first class. In normal fashion, I got right into work mode and began rushing around cleaning, organizing and planning for the day. I had every intention of getting all my tasks completed so that I could join this first class because I really needed a yoga class (still do!).

This is a class offering I’ve felt passionate about for quite some time. Ever since learning of The Transformation Yoga Project, I wanted to be a part of this organization and their cause—to offer trauma sensitive yoga classes to various populations who might otherwise shy away from or not have access to traditional yoga classes. Back when I learned about this organization, before I truly realized my vision and dream, I had the same intention that many often have—To help people.

Since that time I’ve discovered that my vision and my dream is no longer to “help people.” I’ve learned that people don’t need my help. People are strong and resilient and brave and capable—all on their own. In fact, the only person being helped by my work is me. Every day that I do what I believe I’m called to do, I’m helping myself to be a stronger, more resilient, braver and more capable person.

In learning this, my vision for my service evolved. My goal is no longer to help others but rather to be available to them, to serve them and to create a space for them to be exactly who they are in the place they are in.

Today, the first day of the transformation yoga class at Balanced Nutrition and Yoga, I wasn’t able to take the class like I’d hoped. Partly because I wasn’t able to get all of my work done before class started. But mostly because after I welcomed everyone who arrived for class–five beautiful individuals who were eager, willing and open to helping themselves become stronger, braver and more resilient– I found myself brought to tears. And while of course you can cry in yoga, I instead closed my office door for a moment and allowed myself to feel everything that I was feeling—joy, blessing, excitement, pride, hope and responsibility. And it was overwhelming. So I suppose I did practice yoga in that moment. I gave myself space to feel, to connect and to reflect on the moment I was in.

I pray everyone has a moment like this. A chance to feel what it is like, not to help people, but rather to have the privilege of watching people become stronger, more resilient, braver and more capable.

I’m so blessed to be able to do what I love, work with the inspired people I work with and to serve the community that I serve. And today, with tears in my eyes, the evidence of those blessings blinded me.


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