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Things to Learn from the Phillies in Eating Disorder Recovery

By Erin Laverty, RDN, LDN, CSO

That’s right folks! Our wildcard Phillies are facing the Houston Astros in the World Series. “Red October” has been an exciting time to be a Philadelphia baseball fan. But you don’t just have to be a baseball fan to appreciate the grit & strength this team has shown– no matter the outcome of these next few games. Here are some things to take away from the Phightins when it comes to eating disorder recovery:

  1. You may feel like the “underdog” – but we are rooting for you!

The Phillies may have had a rocky regular season, but despite this they have worked hard when it counts, defying expectations to find themselves in the World Series. And while the Astros may be the team favored to win overall, everybody loves to root for the underdog!

Eating disorder recovery may also feel like an uphill battle after a rocky season. It can feel impossible to move forward or that the eating disorder is stronger than you are. But just like the Phillies, with will & tenacity, you ARE capable of phighting your way to recovery– & we are all rooting for you!

Image: New York Times Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

  1. It’s normal to sometimes feel you’re “dancing on your own” – but it doesn’t mean that you are!

If you’re like most of us, this song has been stuck in your head these past few weeks. It’s been adopted by the Phillies as a celebratory anthem this postseason. Aside from being totally catchy, the lyrics can also feel pretty relatable. The song describes loneliness & not feeling good enough– common themes people struggling with eating disorders may face. But if you do find yourself feeling this way, it’s important to remember you are NOT alone.

Which leads us to our next Phillies takeaway…

  1. Rely on your teammates in the dugout for support

Bryce Harper might have won NLCS Most Valuable Player, but the Phils wouldn’t be in the World Series without Aaron Nola’s pitching & Rhys Hoskins’ homers. As another Philly sports legend Jason Kelce put it in his famous Eagles superbowl celebration speech “It’s the whole team!”.

Of course, you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to eating disorder recovery, but you will be most successful when you can surround yourself with support in the dugout– this can be family, friends, significant others, and of course your healthcare team– doctor, therapist, & dietitian.

Image: Kyle Ross/USA Today Sports

Some other reminders…

  1. Every body is beautiful – just ask the Phanatic

We always love to remind our clients of the beauty in body & size diversity. We are all built to be unique– from the number of freckles we have, to our stature, to our body’s curves. While tough body image days can certainly be a part of life & eating disorder recovery, we challenge you to channel the vibes of the phanatic– to be funloving & dance like nobody’s watching.

Image: Rich Shultz 2016

& finally…

  1. Celebrate every win!

Eating disorder recovery is challenging, so it’s so important to celebrate all your “wins” throughout the way. Wins can be anything from setting boundaries in your recovery, deleting negative social media accounts, throwing out your scale, meeting your meal plan and/or using positive coping skills you’ve built that are not eating disorder behaviors. Big or small (regular season game or World Series Championship– all wins deserve to be celebrated!

Image: AP Photo/Matt Slocum


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