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What to Expect (& What Not to Expect!) from a Meal Support Group

What to Expect (& What Not to Expect!) from a Meal Support Group

Balanced Nutrition is so excited to be offering virtual meal support groups. These support groups can be another tool in your toolbox when it comes to eating disorder recovery, especially since the environment in which one eats can play a huge role in how eating feels. That said, the idea of joining anything new or trying a different support approach can feel scary, so it may be helpful to know what to expect (& what not to expect!) from these group offerings. Here are some things you can expect in our virtual meal support groups:

  • A safe (virtual) space to eat a meal with people who understand the challenges that come from eating disorder recovery

  • A way to provide accountability to sticking to an eating schedule or recovery plan

  • A calm, low stress environment where you can feel comfortable challenging a fear food/meal

  • Support from peers who are also working on healing their own relationship with food

  • Light & easy conversation to bring positive energy to mealtime

  • Strategies to reduce stress & anxiety around mealtimes

  • Facilitation & meal modeling from our DTR (dietetic technician registered), Shannon Mazzei

  • Answers to your basic questions regarding food & meal prep

What Not to Expect:

  • Therapy or processing – we kindly ask you save this for meeting with your dietitian 1:1 or your therapist

  • Talk of calories, food labels or nutrition labels

  • Body shaming or talk of weight, body size, etc

  • Talk of specific triggering eating disorder behaviors

  • Ridicule or judgment

  • Negativity

Sound pretty cool? We think so!

So whether you are struggling with accountability following a recovery meal plan, looking for support to challenge a fear food, or simply want to enjoy a meal with some awesome likeminded, antidiet friends, we encourage you to check out a virtual meal support group. Please check out our website to sign up:

If you have additional questions, email:


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